Industries Served

VIS has been serving thousands of businesses across the industries.

Diversified | Conventional | New-Edge

VIS has been associated with prominent market leaders to offer the best end-to-end communication and networking solutions to our customers globally.


  • Handling 50,000 Voice Interactions Per Minute
  • Global Management of 6000 IVR Ports
  • 1000+ Multimedia Seats
  • 10,000 Outbound Seats
  • Contact Center Support for AADHAR (India)
  • Logger System recording 50,000 Calls Per Day
  • Lightweight Applications
  • Quality Solutions for New RFPs

Service Providers

  • Associated with TOP 3 Telecom Providers in India
  • Management of 50,000 Ports for Conferencing Solutions
  • Usage of Enterprise Solution Arms for maintaining CPE Equipment
  • Delivery of Solutions for a Hosted Contact Center


  • Serving PSU & Private Banks through NICE Recordings
  • Global Deployment of First JUNIPER SDSN
  • High Quality Support to large IT Companies
  • Large KPOs equipped with Video Collaboration
  • Wide Bank Networks in USA managed by UC


  • Providing Support to 300+ Customers
  • Relevant Technology Options
  • Dedicated Management Teams
  • Subscription-based On-Premise Offerings

Educational Institutes

  • Serving Top B-Schools in India
  • Offering wide range of Distance Learning Solutions
  • Catering through Effective Digitization Solutions


  • Providing Emergency Broadcast Systems
  • Offering UC & CC Applications